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Just Do It!

As I ponder what will be the best way to start this blog, I find myself going over so many ideas that I get myself more confused than ever. I think the best idea that popped into my head was to “just do it”. I keep putting off getting started, waiting for the perfect first entry, so I accomplish nothing! Guess what, this post is going to be long gone one day and no one will remember what it even said. So, I will “just do it” and let it happen.

My blogs are mostly going to be about the ‘poor’ children of the world, many will be about the poor children of the world that are a part of my life. We sponsor children through Compassion Canada, I will introduce you to them and I will try to show you a few things you maybe didn’t know about the poor.

Did you know that you can fight back and win over poverty? Did you know it can start with a child who has been partnered with by you? These are some of the stories I want to share with you.

Do you know what the opposite of poverty is? Is it wealth? NO. It is not. The opposite of poverty is ENOUGH! You knew that already, right? I didn’t the first time I was asked, but upon thinking about it, I see that it is true.

Did you know that the poor is constant theme throughout the Old and the New Testaments. That “the poor” is something the Bible emphasizes as something we are responsible for? That we are expected and able to help? Do you know it’s not a request? It’s expected of us?

In a sermon, just this past Sunday, I heard this question. “How much of what God has made us able for….do you want?” I know I am “able for” much more than I do. What about you? Are you able to do more?


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