My Hidden Treasures

What if?

Have you ever thought about different things that happen in the world and how we are rather insignificant as far as world events are concerned.

We are too far away.

It’s too complicated.

Too hard.

Too much money needed.

We can’t change anything.

Can’t improve anything.

Can’t help anything.

At least not in a big way!

I know that is wrong!  I know that even though I am only one person, very insignificant as far as the world is concerned, I know I can make a difference, if I will only try.

That is the key, ‘if only I will try’.

I am not famous, wealthy nor from an influential family, so I don’t have much leverage to change anything on a world wide level, but, what if I invested just a small amount of money each month, into something or someone that might be able to change the world?

What if I only changed the world a teeny, tiny, bit?

Is parenting important?

Does it matter how I raise my child/children?

Is it possible our child can grow to be a great leader?  Every great leader has parents? Why not me?

OK, everyone wants to help their own children, we do that automatically and without a second thought of the cost each month until it comes time for university or something like that; then we notice the cost a bit more.

What about that child on the other side of the world that is slowly dying of hunger, or from a disease caused by unclean water or a mosquito bite?

What if I invested a small sum each month and helped a child to not just survive, but to dream, to be educated and to work hard, and to accomplish something his or her parents were never able to?

Time to dream….

What if this helps create a powerful, great leader of some country that I have never been to?

What if this powerful leader is then able to invest in their country in a way that makes the country a better place to live, a place where there are no starving children, where poverty is rare, rather than normal. (Like where I live now.)

What if this child grows up to be the one who saves hundreds of lives by inventing a life saving cure for some awful disease.

What if this saves the life of my child or my grandchild or me?

What if I never helped this child that can change the world into a better place?

It’s true, there is no way to know which one is “the one” when we choose a child to help.  Just as we don’t know if our own children will be ‘the one’.

What if the child you choose grows up to be a responsible, healthy, educated adult and leads a productive life and teaches his or her family these same lessons, thus breaking this cycle of destruction?

What if the child helps a village, and not a whole country?

What if the child helps save the life of others in poverty, by helping others who are still stuck in the cycle of death?

Would it be enough to know this child grew into a loving, caring adult that is an asset to their community and a person who loves the Lord?

What would it take to commit to a child on the other side of the world,  the promise of a future, of life and of success?

Would you give up one evening out to supper?

Would you give up your gourmet coffee?

What would it be?

Who would be the winner?

Would it be the child?

Would it be you?

I have done this.  I have helped a child.  I do help a child.  It’s small and insignificant on the world event page, but, it’s the world to me.

Who has it helped the most?

ME!     ME!    ME!

I am the one who has gained the most.

Won’t you treat yourself to a blessing that is way beyond your imagination?

Click below and choose a child today!

Canada         USA


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