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Lessons From A Child

I have been reading the blogs from the Compassion Team that recently went to Tanzania.

I sure wish I could have been there with them!

I see the pictures, I read the blogs and I just fall in love with all the beautiful faces.

Stop and read this blog, see the pictures and enjoy the view…

Dirty feet

Doesn’t it make you wish you could have gone with them?

Have you ever done something silly and then realized you were seen and then become embarrassed?

Have you ever been the one who did the seeing of something silly? And laughed at it?

I know I have been in both places.

I have been embarrassed and laughed at but it is ok to be laughed at when you do something silly.  It is what makes life fun!  I have also done the laughing.

What about doing something silly to make someone laugh, someone who needs to laugh.  Have you ever embarrassed yourself to help someone?

I see it all the time in various places.  Adults making strange (and yes, funny, faces at children).  They usually don’t even know I am watching them!  I think there are even some who don’t care that I watch them!

I am looking at these beautiful, joy filled children that are in Tanzania.  What are their lives like?

What are they really like?

Surely they are not laughing all the time?

Surely they are not always in their best clothes?

Surely they often fall down or get dirty?

OK.  We all know that!  They don’t always laugh or wear their best clothes.  They are not always clean.

But, do they always care? Do they always want to comfort?  Do they see tears on an adult and want to help?

I think so!

Do we? Do we see these tears and want to help?

What is the lesson from these kids? To have compassion and want to help?

Can we help?  Do we help?  Do we want to?  Are we willing to give up just a tiny something to benefit them?

Can you sponsor a child and change their life completely?

What do you think a child would say to those questions?

I know what my daughter would say!  Do it! Do it!

Children always want to help.

I wish I were more like a child.

What about you?

Sponsor a Child in Jesus Name with Compassion


A New Baby and Some Blue Nail Polish

I wish I were there too.

Tanzania looks so wonderful and the children so adorable.

I want to take a little girl a baby doll and have her strap it on her back like other mama’s in Tanzania do!

What a joy it would be to see her walk around so proudly.

Bubbles…do the children in Tanzania get to play with bubbles like our children do?

Is it common or maybe not even available at all.

Imagine if you had a big bottle of bubbles and a bunch of kids…what fun!

Wouldn’t it be great to giggle and chase those bubbles?

The eyes, how big would the eyes of these children get, if they had never seen nail polish before.

What if they suddenly saw that their toe nails were a shiny, metalic blue?  Oh, my!

The fascination, the curiosity, the demand for many toes to be painted.

Can you see the children crowding around saying, “Me too! Me too!”?

Join me as we continue our virtual tour to Tanzania.

Come see the children.

See the baby doll on the little girl’s back, the pride in her eye!

See the blue toenails!

Watch the bubbles fly!

click here

Oh, and before you go, won’t you consider sponsoring a child of your own in Tanzania?

Maybe next time you will be part of the trip that goes to visit your child!

Sponsor a Child in Jesus Name with Compassion

Inside Tanzania

It’s time to see what it is really like for the people who live in Tanzania.

This virtual tour will show you some really neat things that you maybe never thought about before, or perhaps you have watched Amazing Race and have seen a peek at the land and people of Tanzania already.

Sometimes you wonder what you will encounter when you enter into a new country, or a new experience.

Sometimes you wonder if you will be accepted and really get to know the citizens or if they will just be polite to you.  Or business-like.

Sometimes you have lots of ideas but have no idea how to make them happen.

Let’s go see what is happening today on the tour to Tanzania.

What can we learn from a 15 year old boy, a 15 year old Tanzanian boy on the other side of the world?

Are you comparing to the boys who live in your neighborhood?  That might not be the best idea if you are expecting to be able to figure this out without reading!

Follow me on this link for a fun, informative and surprising glimpse into the life and love of a 15 year old Tanzanian young man.  A young man who can decorate and teach adults what is truly important in life.

Decorating Truths

If you have a teenage boy or would like to have one, go to this link and find one to sponsor.  You won’t be sorry!

Sponsor a Child in Jesus Name with Compassion

Travel to Tanzania

Have you ever wanted to take a vacation to the other side of the world?

Have you ever considered Africa a land to be explored?

I have.

I have often wondered what it would be like to go there and stay for an extended visit, to be more than just a visitor, but to see the real Africa.

I cannot be there in person, but I can be there virtually.

I invite you to come with me, to see a little part of Africa, to see Tanzania.  I won’t show you just the tourist stuff, I want to show you what it is like to live there, I want you to smell the air, to feel the children.

Let’s go!

The plane lands in Tanzania and suddenly you wonder what on earth have I done.  All this preparation, all these months and suddenly here I am.

Then, I see the people.

I see the buildings.

I see the land, the sky, the sunshine.

Here are some pictures for you to see what it is like there.

What a beauty the little girl is…

Be sure to watch the video too!

I have a sponsored child in Tanzania.

I am thrilled to see what the country is like, what the houses are like, what the people are like.

This is just a teaser, more to come!

Oh, and if you want a person relationship with one of the children of Tanzania, click on this smiling child.

Sponsor a Child in Jesus Name with Compassion

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