My Hidden Treasures

I wish I were there too.

Tanzania looks so wonderful and the children so adorable.

I want to take a little girl a baby doll and have her strap it on her back like other mama’s in Tanzania do!

What a joy it would be to see her walk around so proudly.

Bubbles…do the children in Tanzania get to play with bubbles like our children do?

Is it common or maybe not even available at all.

Imagine if you had a big bottle of bubbles and a bunch of kids…what fun!

Wouldn’t it be great to giggle and chase those bubbles?

The eyes, how big would the eyes of these children get, if they had never seen nail polish before.

What if they suddenly saw that their toe nails were a shiny, metalic blue?  Oh, my!

The fascination, the curiosity, the demand for many toes to be painted.

Can you see the children crowding around saying, “Me too! Me too!”?

Join me as we continue our virtual tour to Tanzania.

Come see the children.

See the baby doll on the little girl’s back, the pride in her eye!

See the blue toenails!

Watch the bubbles fly!

click here

Oh, and before you go, won’t you consider sponsoring a child of your own in Tanzania?

Maybe next time you will be part of the trip that goes to visit your child!

Sponsor a Child in Jesus Name with Compassion


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