My Hidden Treasures

Lessons From A Child

I have been reading the blogs from the Compassion Team that recently went to Tanzania.

I sure wish I could have been there with them!

I see the pictures, I read the blogs and I just fall in love with all the beautiful faces.

Stop and read this blog, see the pictures and enjoy the view…

Dirty feet

Doesn’t it make you wish you could have gone with them?

Have you ever done something silly and then realized you were seen and then become embarrassed?

Have you ever been the one who did the seeing of something silly? And laughed at it?

I know I have been in both places.

I have been embarrassed and laughed at but it is ok to be laughed at when you do something silly.  It is what makes life fun!  I have also done the laughing.

What about doing something silly to make someone laugh, someone who needs to laugh.  Have you ever embarrassed yourself to help someone?

I see it all the time in various places.  Adults making strange (and yes, funny, faces at children).  They usually don’t even know I am watching them!  I think there are even some who don’t care that I watch them!

I am looking at these beautiful, joy filled children that are in Tanzania.  What are their lives like?

What are they really like?

Surely they are not laughing all the time?

Surely they are not always in their best clothes?

Surely they often fall down or get dirty?

OK.  We all know that!  They don’t always laugh or wear their best clothes.  They are not always clean.

But, do they always care? Do they always want to comfort?  Do they see tears on an adult and want to help?

I think so!

Do we? Do we see these tears and want to help?

What is the lesson from these kids? To have compassion and want to help?

Can we help?  Do we help?  Do we want to?  Are we willing to give up just a tiny something to benefit them?

Can you sponsor a child and change their life completely?

What do you think a child would say to those questions?

I know what my daughter would say!  Do it! Do it!

Children always want to help.

I wish I were more like a child.

What about you?

Sponsor a Child in Jesus Name with Compassion


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