My Hidden Treasures

As I was sitting and thinking what I could buy with $1.25 I wondered if I could buy an apple for that, or even two.  I know if I wanted to buy a treat for one of my grandchildren, it would be hard to find something, other than candy, that would be affordable.

Then came the challenge of making a nutritious meal for $1.25.  Could I do that? I don’t know!  That would be something to work at and I think it would be difficult, but what if I had to make this meal for more than just me?  What if I had to make it for my whole family? What if I had three or four children depending on me.  Goodness, what would I prepare for $1.25.  Now, what if I want to eat more than once a day?  What options do I have now?  Hmmmm.

I could probably handle this for a day or two, eating one small meal, but what if I had to do it day after day, week after week, year after year.  What if something ‘extra’ came along that I or one of the children needed? How would I afford it? What if one of the children became sick.  What if I became sick and couldn’t work?  Who would help me or my children?  Would we be discarded and thrown away hungry and dying?


There is help.  You can help.  I can help!  Together we can make a difference.


What is 58?


58: is an unprecedented global alliance of Christians, churches and world-class poverty-fighting organizations working together to end extreme poverty in our lifetime.

Here is an interesting game you might enjoy. .  Get your family and your friends to try this game.  It might be a surprise to you and to them to realize how hard some of the poor will work and how little they will get for their efforts.  Certainly we wouldn’t do such work for such pay!


What did it make you think? Did it make you feel anything?  Did it make you want to help?

An interesting video you might find gives you hope.


Please, won’t you join in the fight against poverty, in the battle against old thinking and beliefs that we can’t make a difference?


We can!


We will!


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