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Can We Do It? You KNOW it!

Welcome to September Sponsor a Child Month.
My goal is to have as many Compassion children sponsored as possible and I don’t mean myself taking on a bunch more either.

The goal is 3,108 by the end of the month!

Impossible for me to do all by myself.  But, what if I had some help?

What if everyone I know will sponsor one child…how many would that be?

What if everyone who has one child, takes on a second child? How many would that be?

What if YOU took on one or one more child?  Let’s go have a look and see if anyone catches your eye!

You just can’t afford another child?  Can you pray for some to be sponsored? Go here and choose some children to pray for.

Perhaps you would like to go here and use this as a resource to teach your children about how blessed they are?

Would you pray generally for children to be sponsored?

Another way you could help, is to pass this blog onto your friends, maybe one or more of them would be interested in sponsoring a child, or with passing this on to another of their friends.

Pass the word; it all helps!

Do you have a blog? Can you help pass the word that way?  Join the network!

Did you know that if you sponsor a child with Compassion that the child benefits in huge ways? I wonder if you realize how huge the benefit is actually going to be to the sponsor?

This is life changing for the child, yes, but it is beyond life changing for the sponsor.

If you have not tried it before, I challenge you to find out.  I guarantee you will be unexpectedly filled with joy like nothing you have felt before.

So, what will it be?

Choose a child?

Pray for a child?

Teach a child?

Pass on to your friends?

Blog about this?


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